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Organic matter Humics

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Organic matter increasing crop’s yield and improving soil quality
TPI Humics

  • New formula, This formula requires 4 times less water for mixing the solution, comparing to the original formula, without causing leaf burn.
  • Plant nurturing formula, increase crop’s yield , increase soil nutrients, improve soil quality
  • Alleviate global warming while improving the phenomenon of life with TPI fertilizers
  • Suitable for soil improvement or preparation, and can be used for planting of all kinds of plants, such as, rice, sugar cane, corn, cassava, para rubber, palm, flowering plants, fruits and etc.

Product Characteristics

Organic matter for plant, increase plant’s yield and improve soil quality; TPIÔ Humics, is a yield of organic compound that can improve soil quality, increase profitable microorganisms in the soil, improve those microorganisms to transform soil’s minerals into plants’ nutrients. It is produced from fermentation process of organic materials, such as, plants, animals, foods, and waste; with state of the art technology of production. 
TPI Humics contains humic acid, which help loosen the soil. It increases necessary nutrients for plants’ growth to the soil; either primary nutrients, such as, Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium; secondary nutrients, such as, Calcium, Magnesium and Sulfur; or trace nutrients, such as, Iron, Manganese, Copper, Boron, Molybdenum, Zinc, Chloride, and etc. 
TPIÔ Humics contains the following important ingredients:

  • High content of organic matter, which improves the soil’s structure, loosens the soil and allows better water’s retention. It is hence suitable for soils of fragrant application of chemical fertilizers. It provides food source for profitable microorganisms in the soil and readjusts the soil pH.
  • Humic substances, which retain plant nutrients in the soil (Chelating Agents); therefore, allow plant root to effectively absorb these nutrients.
  • Amino acids and organic substances, which are important for of plants’ growth. They help decomposing insoluble complexes.
  • Othersubstances, which improve plants’ immunity that is important in preventing plant disease

Dosage, usage, and time of usage

  • Apply Humics at the rate of 5-10 liters per 1,600 square meter (0.4 Acre)
  • Soil Application: Mix Humics at the rate of 100 cc per 5 liters of water, and spray the solution during plowing and onto the planting hole, before planting the plants. For tree,  spray the solution around the plants’ base, or spray the solution over the soil every 15 days
  • Foliar application: Mix Bio Organic Humics at the rate of 50 cc per 5 liters of water, and sprat the solution over plants’ leaves every 7 days.


  • Apply the product only in the morning or in the evening, when the air is cool, the wind is low, and the tendency of rain is low
  • Spray the product, only to healthy plants.
  • Store Humics in closed container, in cool and dry place, at the temperature of less than 35 degree Celsius.
  • Use the product in accordance with recommended dosage
  • Humics may create gas if it gets heated. Open the product’s container cautiously.


  • Readjust the soil’s balance, loosen the soil, improve soil’s water retention and provide suitable environment for plants’ growth
  • Increase the number of beneficial soil  microorganisms
  • Increase soil nutrients
  • Decrease crop’s production cost of chemical fertiliter
  • Low price, save expense and decrease cost
  • Leave no residues in the soil as it is on organic compound

TPI Agricultural Product


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