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TPI M650P Super Premium Skim Coat

Ready-made mortar For some plastering To decorate and conceal the wrinkles, work with a trowel, sanded Finishing Coat to make the skin smooth. Covering plaster walls with sand, crack, sesame and uneven surface. Can be made of bare walls. Or repaint


  • Can be applied on concrete walls. Or plaster walls, such as the wall plastered with M100, M100C, M200 or M210, etc. can also be used wall posts. To cover cracks or crevices.


  • TPI Portland Type 1 Cement according to ASTM C-150 and TIS 15-2555
  • Chemical additives such as additive properties of water. Additives, adhesives, etc.
  • Fine limestone crushed


1. Wall preparation

- In cases where the wall is smooth, the M650P can be plastered without any plastering.
- If the wall is plastered with very rough surface, such as concrete wall, use M100C pre-plastering. Try to smooth the surface evenly. And wait for the plaster to dry completely. Made with M650P

2. Using
- Mix mortar M650P with water using a mortar ratio of 1 bag (15 kg) per 6 - 7.5 liters of water, adding the water gradually and stirring homogeneously. Without resting the plaster to the water.
- Plaster M650P with polished steel trowel By thin-walled plastered up the floor one at a time when the plaster. Apply in the same way until the desired thickness (about 1-2 mm).
- Before painting, fine sandpaper can be used to smooth the surface.

Thickness of plaster The plastered area is 20 kg. The amount of cement per 1 sq.m. 1-2 mm./ 10sq.m./ 15 kg.


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