Code of Conduct

The Company has focused on driving a concrete corporate governance culture with the Code of Conduct,It is a common obligation to comply with the scope of responsibility to the Company and its stakeholders within the Company's legal and regulatory framework on the basis of professional ethics and maintaining transparent, honest and fair business practices, taking into account the interests of all relevant stakeholders.

The Company has a policy to be updated according to the changing situation regularly. In addition, the Board of Directors acknowledges and adheres to the good practices of the listed directors. The Board of Directors, the management and employees at all levels have behaved with a conscience that adheres to integrity, morality, ethics and awareness of the Company's reputation as a leading company with credibility, stability and reputation for more than 20 years.

The Company's Business Code of Conduct has 14 categories as follows:

  1. Respect and compliance with the law Related Regulations and Regulations
  2. Anti-Corruption Practices
  3. Interests and Conflicts of Interest
  4. Use of internal information and confidentiality
  5. Internal control, internal audit, risk management and financial accounting reports
  6. Receiving and giving gifts, property or other benefits
  7. Sourcing and treatment of partners
  8. Intellectual Property Using Information Technology
  9. Political Rights and Impartiality
  10. Employee Code of Conduct
  11. Universal Respect for Human Rights
  12. Incident Reports / Complaints / Suggestions / Whistleblowing Channels Causing

      Damage to the Company and Protection Whistleblower Rights

  1. Responsibility to Stakeholders

           13.1 Treatment of shareholders

           13.2 Treatment of customers

           13.3 Treatment of partners

           13.4 Treatment of commercial competitors

           13.5 Treatment of creditors

           13.6 Treatment of the government

           13.7 Treatment of employees

           13.8 Treatment of communities, society, culture and the environment

           13.9 Priority for quality, safety and occupational health

  1. Research and Innovation

Details and guidelines for compliance with the Company's Code of Conduct Publish on the Company's website to keep stakeholders and the public informed at