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A Background to success

From the beginning that TPI Polene Public Company decided to produce sufficiency volume of cement to supply the needs of domestic market and in March , 1991 established an affiliate company, TPI Concrete Co.,Ltd with a registered capital of 40 millions baht to play a major role in supplying ready - mixed concrete to meet the needs of the construction industry in relation to property development and industrial factory expansion.

Now TPI Concrete Co.,Ltd has raised the capital to 840 millions baht with totally 46 manufacturing plants located in Bangkok and its suburbs and in Mahachai Ayutaya Rayong Mabtaput Pattaya Sriracha Bowin and in Udontani.

  • TPI Normal Concrete

Designed by using the conventional design procedure usually for strength and slump.It made of conventional materials such as portland cement, water, aggregates and chemical admixtures according to ASTMC It is used for general structures

  • TPI Pumping Concrete

This mix usually has slightly higher sand than non-pumping mixed. The addition of Superplasticizer to the mix is helpful for work- ability without segregation. It helps user to be comfortable and save.

  • TPI Bore pile Concrete

This concrete is the one of conventional concrete that use in bored pile placement. It was designed to have high workability and cohesion by using retarding admixture. There are two types in this specification, large bore pile and small bore pile. 

  • TPI Fast-setting Concrete

This is a special concrete, ready for using within 24 hours and able to withstand a compressive strength of 240 ksc. It is particularly suitable for the construction of roads.

  • TPI Shrinkage Controlled Concrete

To reduce chance of cracking ; both of plastic stage and hardened concrete, shrink controlled concrete has been designed in mainly purpose of shrinkage control. It suits for the structure that need to be controlled of shrinkage such as jointing of wall,extended floor.

  • TPI Self-Compacting Concrete

The high performance concrete that was developed to overcome the problem of com-plex structure, defect due to unskilled labor. It can completely fill framework without any need of vibration and also prevent honey combvoid in structure.

  • TPI Postension Concrete

Designed in order to crete 80 % of maximum compressive strength within 72 hr. before postention, TPI Postension Concrete suits for structures, which have to supportspecial heavy weight structure.

  • TPI High-Strength Concrete

Tts special high compressive strength rang from 450 kg./cm. is helpful for supporting huge heavyweight structures.

  • TPI Waterproof Concrete

The special mix design which producesless permeable, lower water content, with - significant benefits in the application of water tanks, reservoirs basements, swimming pool and other water containment concrete structures.

  • TPI Shortcrete Concrete

This dry and low slump concrete is used by injecting ground concrete to the framework aims to form the shape of structure. Usually it is used for repairing work, tunneling or temporary structure.

  • TPI Freezing & Thawing Resisting Concrete

For using in condition that have the switching of lower and higher than 0 c, to extend the service life for the concrete such as freezing room.

  • TPI Low Heat Concrete

Is used for solving the problem in mass concrete, due to accumulation of heat in concrete mass which transfer to low temperature environment leading to thermal cracking such as Matt foundation, bridge column and dam construction etc.

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