Executive Management Committee as of 31 December 2021





Mr. Prachai Leophairatana

Chairman of Executive Management Committee


Dr. Pramuan Leophairatana

Executive Director


Mr. Prayad Liewphairatana

Executive Director


Mrs. Orapin Leophairatana

Executive Director


Mr. Pakorn Leopairut

Executive Director


Miss Tanyaratt Iamsopana

Executive Director

Six Directors are authorized to sign on behalf of the Company. Two of the six directors must jointly sign, together with the affixation of the official company stamp.


Functions and Responsibilities of the Executive Management Committee

The Board of Directors is appointed by the Board of Directors or the Shareholders' Meeting to perform the following functions:

  1. 1. To govern and formulate the operational strategy of the business, goals and operational plans, the Company's financial goals and budgets, taking into account appropriate business factors. To present and seek approval to the Board of Directors in case the circumstances change, the Board of Directors will review the use of approved budgets to suit the situation, as well as implement business strategies in accordance with the policies of the Board of Directors.
  2. 2. To monitor the performance of parties in accordance with the policy, business strategy, goals and operational plans, the financial goals and budgets of the Company approved by the Board of Directors to be effective and effective in favor of business conditions and provide advice, advice, management to senior management.
  3. 3. To consider selecting and appointing senior executives. The Board of Directors will be the preliminary consideration of the nomination of qualified persons who have knowledge, skills and experience that are beneficial to the Company's operations before offering them to the Board of Directors for approval. Define organizational structure and policies regarding the management of the Company. Consider and monitor replacement management creation plans, including workforce plans and remuneration guidelines and management's performance evaluation criteria.
  4. 4. To appoint and remove employees as well as assign rewards to employees.
  5. 5. To consider and provide feedback or opinions to the Board of Directors regarding any projects, proposals or transactions related to the Company's business operations, as well as to consider fundraising options when necessary and exceeding the limits set and/or to applicable laws and regulations or in the Articles of Association of the Company to be approved by the Shareholders' Meeting and/or the Board of Directors.
  6. 6. To conduct business related to the general administration of the Company, including any authority and responsibilities as assigned or in accordance with the policies assigned by the Board of Directors.
    1. 7. To appoint and/or assign to the Executive Committee or any person or persons to act within the jurisdiction of the Executive Committee deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors, as well as the table of authority schedule specified by the Board of Directors, where the Board of Directors may withdraw or amend such powers within the scope of the Board of Directors.