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The Company manages its business to create sustainable growthcontinuously focusing on employees’ safety and environmental preservation-while maintaining our business strategy. Health and Safety at work are important factors in employee work efficiency. So the Company has adopted a Health and Safety Management System to reduce risk and accidents for employees and related persons in
the workplace. At all production units of the Company’s core businesses,adequate personal safety equipment is provided,suitable for all kinds of operations, including masks, earmuffs and goggles etc.

As regards workers’ safety, the Company has a program to assess risk in the workplace and monitors all occupational diseases by an annual health check program. This checks workers who operate in possibly risky conditions, such as in an enclosed workplace, or with potential direct chemical contact, or the potential to breath hazardous chemicals. In the concrete batching plants, the Company provides beverages (such as milk) for all employees who work in potentially risky situations, reducing any possible adverse effects from ingesting chemical substances. In addition, the Company also focuses on safety in workplace, setting working standards to ensure that all measured parameters are within the allowed
limits and in full compliance with the related governing laws. Moreover, the
Company supports cultivation of plants around its operating units to improve the outlook.

To conserve its environmental surroundings, the Company has made TPI Polene for Safety and Environment additional investments to monitor and minimize any environmental impact of its production units. The Company has also installed
modern technology to monitor emissions from its stacks and to improve the efficiency of electrostatic precipitators in every production unit at cement plants. The Company uses high technology from the USA’s General Electric Company, installing Continuous Emission Monitoring (“CEM”) at the main stack to monitor atmospheric emissions and bag filters in loading areas and silos.

For plastic resin plants, the Company has uses low-sulfur content bituminous as fuel oil, in order to prevent any environmental impact at the source. The plant’s production process is a closed-uncompounded system, which releases very little waste and air pollution.

With our strong commitment to operate our business so as always to conform with applicable standards, the Company also appreciates the importance of environmental enhancement and preservation. This is reflected in our cement plants being awarded Health and Safety Management Standards at provincial and national levels. In 3,084,378 hours at workplace, employees rarely have severe accidents, leading to an award from the Ministry of Labor and Welfare. It is a great honor to have continuously conformed to the ISO 14001 Certification for Environmental Quality, and the Health and Safety Management Standard TIS 18001, for every core businesses of the Company, including our cement business, our plastic resin business and our ready-mixed concrete business.

Furthermore, the Company operates a licensed industrial waste disposal business; helps eradicate industrial waste; and also saves energy, resulting in less usage of natural resources.

The Company takes seriously our corporate policy to focus on the importance of business operations while conforming to the applicable standards of workplace safety, health and environmental protection to create sustainable growth.