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TPI Turbo Dolomite

  • Turbo Dolomite is produced via the state of the art technology, and under standardized quality. It is a fine granular product that reacts rapidly against water.

  • It is free from any harmful chemicals for human and animals; hence, it is truly safe for user, consumer, and environment.

  • It is suitable for aquatic animals’ farm, such as, shrimp farm, fish farm and etc in order to improve water quality, create plankton as another food source, and provide minerals that aquatic animals require

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Getting to know Quick Lime

Quick lime or baked lime is a compound substance of Calcium Oxide (CaO) and Magnesium Oxide (MgO). It is a product from crushing and baking the lime at the temperature of 600-900 degree Celsius. This production process is also known as Calcination; and the formula of the underlying chemical reaction can be described as CaCO3 à CaO + CO2. Once CaO  mixes with water, it will create heat and hence increases water temperature. This process is useful for pond’s disinfection and disease control.


1. Farm preparation

  • Farm with normal condition: Before releasing animals into the farm, apply this product at the rate of 25 kgs. Per 1,600 square meter (0.4 Acre).
  • Farm with acid soil. Apply this product at the rate of 25-50 kgs. Per 1,600 square meter (0.4 Acre).

2. During farming : Apply this product at the rate of 5-10 kgs. Per 1,600 square meter (0.4 Acre) every 1-2 weeks. 
3. Always wear gloves and protective wears during usage: Use the product with caution. 
4. Store in cool and dry place, or cover the product with water- or humidity-proof material


  • Handle the product with care.


  • Rapidly increase water pH value and alkalinity value
  • Boost and improve shrimp’s casting process in shrimp farm, as well as drive shrimp out of sludge
  • Preserve and regulate water pH value, as well as regulate water’s color
  • Boost sedimentation process of organic matters in the pond, as well as decrease problem of rust in the farm.
  • Increase overall exuberance of the farm, as well as provide suitable minerals for growth of plant plankton and aquatic animals; therefore, provide additional food source for animal and boost animal’s immunity.
  • Once come into contact with water, the product will cause water temperature to rise. Therefore, it is suitable for water disinfection, inhibition of the accumulation of pathogens, and the decrease of diseases’outbreak among aquatic animals.


TPIagricultural product for aquatic animal
Agricultural product for aquatic animal,
for improving water’s quality of the farm
Secure from any harmful resident to human and animals: totally natural product


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