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Micromeknox (For Hoofed animals)

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Micromeknoxis a high quality mineral product and it is in a form of dry powder for easy use.

It is suitable to be used for inhibitingpathogens andforcontrolling microorganisms that causethe outbreak of infection, Foot and Mouth Diseases.It reducesthe gases emission of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methane and unwanted odors from various wastes and it absorbsliquid drops to maintain the environment of the farm clean, dry and more disease-free.Micromeknox is free from toxicsubstancesand harmless to animals andhuman.


Direction for use

  1. For preventing odor emission and formaintaining the clean environment of the farm:Use Microme knox as flooring base by spreadingon the floor of farm at the rate of 1 kg per 1sq. m. every two weeks.
  2. For preventing odor from animal wastes and manures collection pit: Spread Microme knox onto the surfaces at the rateof 0.5 kg per 1sq. m. every 3-5 days.For adjusting the pH level of waste water in farm: Apply Micromeknoxat therateof 1 kg per 250sq. m.
  3. In case of an outbreak in the farm:SpreadMicromeknoxonto the floor and surrounding areas of the farm with 5 cm thickness.The product will penetrate into the hoofs of animalsandreact against the microbial causing agent of the diseases. Then take animals to other stocks for resting 3-5 days.

Warning/ Recommendation

  1. Avoidan eye contact and inhalation.
  2. Use the product with caution especially when usingin the windy condition.
  3. Wash hands after use

General precautions

  1. Eye exposure may cause irritation.
  2. Those with sensitive skins should wear solves before handling the product.


  1. Seal Micromeknox bag tightly after every use.
  2. Keep in dry place and under shade.
  3. Keep out of reach of children and keep away from food, water, pets, flames and heat.

First Aid procedure

  1. In case of an eye contact: Wash eyes immediately with clean water.