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Volcano rock

Volcano rock

Special formula for soil improvement: bring back soil’s exuberance for sustainable plants’ growth

Improve plants’ immunity against disease and insects; improve soil’s water retention for long drought

Contain natural minerals, environmentally friendly: high pH value, helps restore bad soil

Improve plants’ health and strength against diseases and insects: high quality volcano rock

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Product Characteristics

Volcano rock contains high quality of natural minerals such as calcium and magnesium in the form of calcium - magnesium. This product has high pH value and hence helps solving the soil acidity and in turn it improves the soil quality. Moreover, Volcano rock also contains silica of more than 15 percents, which is necessary for plant’s growth. Silica works with other minerals and facilitates plant’s absorption of nutrients. Therefore, it improves plants’ growth and immunity against diseases and insects. Soil’s acidity or Alkalinity or ph Value affect plants’ growth and regulate overall nutrients content; where too much nutrients will harm the plants while too little will cause nutrient deficiency in plants. Using such soil improving agent when planting, with main objective to increase soil pH value, will restore and improve bad soil, increase air content in the soil, as well as improve the soil’s ability to retain nutrients and make the soil a suitable place for growing of profitable microorganisms for plants’ growth.

Volcano rock

  • Product from high quality, natural raw materials
  • Help Efficiently improve soil quality
  • Contain zero harmful chemicals; hence it is safe for user, consumer and environment.


  1. Improve the soil capability to retain water, humidity, and especially nutrients; allow nutrients to remain in the soil a lot longer.
  2. Improve the soil quality; create porous – loose soil.
  3. Solve the problem of soil acidity.
  4. Increase plant’s nutrient absorbing capability, whether primary, secondary and supplementary nutrients.
  5. Promote plants’ growth, and immunity against disease and insects.
  6. Retain profitable nutrients for plant and create suitable environment for profitable microorganisms’ growth


  1. For soil preparation: Apply the product at the rate of 100-200 kgs. per 1,600 square meter (0.4 acre) or proportionally to the soil acidity.
  2. For planting hole preparation: Apply the product as foundation for planting hole, at the rate of 1-2 handfuls per hole; in order to boost plants’ root system
  3. Spread Volcano rock onto the field directly; in order to increase profitable minerals for plants’ growth in the soil.


  • Store in cool and dry place, or cover with water- or humidity-proof materials
  • Use the entire content of the bag within 1 month after first usage


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