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TPI Super Mixed Cement

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TPI Green Super The formula is superior to the mixed cement (MIXD CEMENT).
Suitable for plastering / pouring works. Sewer, pedestrian, or decorative work, etc.
The work is strong. Beautiful, smooth, durable, not cracking easy.


  • Cement is a design that is meticulously designed to provide exceptional quality and quality than conventional cement mixes (MIXED CEMENT)more than 20 percent.-
  • Green Superpox Powder Was developed with modern technology. MIXED CEMENT is more effective than MIXED CEMENT. It is designed to meet the type of work, Work No cracking And higher compressive strength.
  • With a weight of 40 kg TPI Green Super Cement can be used equivalent to 50 kg of cement MIXED CEMENT, making it more economical and cost effective.
  • TPI Green Super Tile specially developed. TIS 80-2550 accreditation is very convenient.
  • Reliable, easy to move, and reduce fatigue in work.
  • Formation: TPI Green Supercoat 1 bag: 12 coarse sand: 4 water tank
  • Putty job: 1 piece of Super Green PTFE: 12 pieces of fine sand: 4.5 gallons of water
  • General concrete pouring: 1 TPI green cement: 10 coarse sand: 20 stones: 4.5 cylinders


  • Before using, there must be a proper preparation process.
  • After work, wall or structure Should be cured in accordance with the prescribed standards.
  • Mortar after mixing Should be used within 2 hours.
  • While mixing or working, cover clothing to prevent contact with the cement directly.
  • Storing lime bags in a dry place. Moisture materials should be covered around the mortar.


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