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TPI Oil Well Cement

Oil well cement is the special type with high sulface resistant. It is usually used in high pressure and temperature condition. At various depth level, oil well cement is designed to flow and solidify rapidly at the desired period. It is produced according to requirements of API specification 10A (American Petroleum Institute)

This Product is intend for use as a basic well cement. It may be mixed and placed ina the field using water ratios or additives at the users discretion.

According to API Specification 10A for Well Cement, Class G High Sulfate Resistance (HSR)

Guarantee Specification

  • Chemical Requirements




 Magnesium oxide



max 6.0

Sulfur trioxide



max 3.0

Loss of ignition


max 3.0

Insoluble residue


max 0.75

Total Alkalies (Na2O + 0.658 K2O)


max 0.75

Tricalcium silicate



48 to 65

Tricalcium aluminate



max 3.0

C4AF + 2C3A



max 24

Physical Requirements


Fineness ; Specific surface Air permeability test




Soundness : Autoclave expansion



max 0.8

% of Free fluid



max 5.90

Thickening time



90 to 120

Maximum consistency 15-30 minute stirring period



max 30

Compressive Strength




@ 100 F, atmos, 8 hrs



min 300

@ 140 F, atmos, 8 hrs



min 1500


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