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TPI Digital Board

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Printed on fiber cement board.
Another exquisite art as a creature.
Innovative innovation that TPI created ..... for your home.

Digital TPI board

Another innovation of TPI Polene is the combination of strong durability of Fiber Cement products with high quality digital color printing systems that make colors and virtual patterns. The company takes into account the needs of its customers. So choose a variety of designs to choose from. Or you can print your imagination. Make customers happy living in thought.



- High Gloss Skin

high gloss

Fiber Cement Board Boards After printing finished. Followed by coating Enhance luster with special coatings. Smooth surface More vibrant colors

 - Extra hard surface 


Fiber Cement Board Boards With special coatings Strengthens And skin contact is close to the surface of natural materials in the form of skin, burr or sandy skin.

Digital TPI boards are available in three sizes:

Size (cm.)/

Weight (kg.)

120 x 240 x 0.6


120 x 240 x 0.8


120 x 240 x 1.2



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