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TPI M500 Adhesive Mortar for Common tiles laying

M500 Adhesive Mortar for common Tiles Laying

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Raw Materials

  • TPI Portland Cement Type I according to ASTM C-150  and TIS 15 part 1-2555 Standards.
  • Limestone is thoroughly dried and  classified.
  • High quality chemical additives providing with enhancing water

Absorption, adhesion strength properties thus eliminate the peeling off  tiles  and during tiles adjustment.

Instruction of preparation and application

  1. Clean the substrate surface and moisten with water on the surface before laying tiles and let semi –dry.
  2. Mix 1 bag (20 kg) of TPI M500 with 4.8 liters of clean water. Mix well until the mixture is homogeneous and apply immediately.
  3. Apply the mixture of adhesive mortar on the substrate surface with 5 mm. thickness then set the notched trowel at 45 degree angle to the surface and drag it to create ridges and grooves.
  4. Lay tiles onto the substrate then press or use the rubber hammer to tap each tile firmly.
  5. Align the tiles and clean up in case of drop mortar or adhesive on the tiles or any other surfaces.


  • Store in a dry place and avoid dampness.
  • After mixing with water, product should be applied within 2 hours.
  • Seal the bag tightly after used.
  • Suitable for small common tiles and maximum width should not exceed 40 cm x 40 cm.

Thickness which should Apply (mm.)

The size of area was using mortar for 20 kg (sq.m.)

Amount of mortar per sq.m. ( kg.)




Suitable for floor and wall tilling for both indoor application and provides highly adhesive strength allowing the adequate time for tile adjustment. Save money and time.

Suitable to apply on floor or wall laying tiles both indoor and outdoor.


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