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TPI M400 (Floor Screed Mortar)

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Plate level adjustable mix. Suitable for pouring the floor to smooth the surface. Ready for decorative materials, such as tiles, parquet, carpet, etc. Because there are chemicals that help to flow. It makes it easier to adjust the floor level.


  • Compound material between TPI Portland cement Crushed stone through the drying process and size. High quality chemicals from overseas. Has good flow properties. Easier to adjust floor level. Just mix the water to the right proportion, it can be used immediately.


  • After mixing water Should be used within 2 hours 30 minutes.
  • Keep the mortar in a cool, dry place, and cover it with water. Avoid transporting in the rain or moving over damp areas. To extend the storage life.


  • Clean the surface to be poured. By removing impurities, stains, oil, dust, and other detrimental effects. In case the surface of the substrate is not strong enough, it should be extracted. Ensure that the skin is strong. Or prepare the other way. (Check the surface preparation by using a steel surface scraper. There must be no scurvy. Or parts can be scraped off with steel easily) before pouring water saturated. While pouring, there should be no water. Or there is always water uptake from the ground. If you have to solve the problem before.
  • Mix TPI (M409) with clean water to 3.5: 1 volume by volume.
  • Apply to the general floor leveling process. It can also be used with Mortar Machines. The work area should be protected in an appropriate way so that it does not touch the water or sunlight while pouring and until the plaster is fully filled.
  • At least 3 days of incubation.


  • Mix 1 bag of water 8 liters.
  • Weight 50 kg

Thickness of pouring (mm) 50
Mortar 1 bag area (sq.m.) 0.56
Usage per square meter (kg) 88


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