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Top Coat Paint for All Metal Surface and Non-Metal Surface (NP302)

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Two polyurethane coatings for surface. And adjust the surface to be smooth. Durable It can be protected from chemical oil, UV light, and good scratch resistance, with a seamless shine, easy to use with a trowel. Paint brush or roller Suitable for industrial factories, warehouses or areas where durability.


  • Adjust the surface to smooth. Or use a coating Can be used both surface plaster concrete and steel both outside and inside.


  • Polyurethane 2 elements (Part A: Polymer and Part B: Hardener)
  • Chemical additives such as antifungal substances. Humectants Hardener, etc.
  • Pigment


- Surface preparation

  1. Scrub the surface to be painted smooth, no dust, oil, chemicals or anything that may affect adhesion. And no skin is unhealthy.
  2. In case of surface cracking, repair as follows.
    - If there is a small cracks with a width of not more than 1 centimeter should be repaired with Polyurethane Injection.
    - If a large cracks with a width of more than 1 centimeter should be extended to widen the groove. Then repair with Mortar Rapid Hardening Mortar (M601).
  3. Then clean the floor. Then super Skim Coat Hardening (M651) is applied to enhance the surface strength.
  4. Wait until the M651 is completely dry and smooth the surface.
  5. The surface to be applied must be completely dry. Surface moisture content must not be more than 4% RH.
  6. Primed with NP301P Primer Use a brush or roller to make a one off, then let it dry completely.
  • Part A: Part B homogeneous mixing process is very important. If mixed well, the resulting film will not stick to the surface.
  • The surface to be painted must be completely dry. Because the moisture will swell, swell, and slip easily.
  • While mixing and using Be careful not to drip sweat or thinner into the paint to paint.
  • Cause swelling.
  • Part A and Part B should be used within 30 minutes.
  • Thinner can be used to wash equipment and paint container.


Packaging dimensions/ Packing weight (Part A/ Part B)/ Compound rate (Part A: Part B)/ Estimated painting area
¼ gallon/ 0.9 kg/ 0.45 kg/ 2: 1/ 5 square meters
1 gallon/ 3.8 kg/ 1.9 kg/ 2: 1/ 20 square meters

Note : * For one trip.


Touch Dry/ Hard Dry/ Pot life (25ºc)/ Fully Cure/ Mohs Hardness/ Hardness (Shore D)
20-30 min./ 2 h/ 30 min./ 7 days/ 4/ Min. 70


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