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Fine powder mixed with water for the first layer of skin. Use water to mix the prescribed ratio. And paint with paint brush or roller. It can also create patterns on the surface depending on techniques such as marble. Using trowel polishing, etc., because of the fine base cement. This makes the surface smooth. Adhered to the wall, plaster, concrete walls or fiber cement wall is firmly anchored, because it is based on the same cement base. When painted with TPI Super Special Armor Nano Top Coat Paint (NP101S), it adds durable properties and can be wiped clean.

  • Used for plaster walls, concrete walls or fiber cement wall. Available both inside and outside.
  • Can be applied on common wood surfaces.
raw material
  • TPI Portland Type 1 Cement according to ASTM C-150 and TIS 15-2555
  • Chemical additives 
  • Fine limestone crushed
  • Inorganic pigment
How to use
  • Wall preparation
    • In case of new walls, prepare the surface like a typical paint job.
    • Old wall case stripping out the old color as much as possible. Eliminate the unhealthy. If there are marks, such as cracks, rugged surface is not properly repaired before painting.
    • Mix TPI Super Special Armor Nano Paint (NP100S) with 1 gallon of 2.6 liters of clean water, one third of water. Mix well before mixing. Then add the rest of the water to the amount. Mix well and apply to general paint or spray application.
    • Use a brush or roller to coat a layer, leaving the paint to dry for about 2 hours and then overlay the next layer.
    • Apply or paint over TPI Super Special Armor Nano Top Coat Paint (NP101S), which can be used immediately. No more water or material. It adds durability and durability, and can be wiped clean.
    • Compatible with sprayers.
    • TPI Super Special Armor Nano Paint (NP100S) should be used within 2 hours after mixing water.
Additional Information
  • Protect your walls from sunlight, dust and dirt until the paint is completely dry.



area covered

1/4 gallon

0.56 litre

8 sq.m.


2.4 litre

35 sq.m.


12 litre

175 sq.m.

Note: * For one coat

Drying time

Dry at the skin

Dry over

20-30 minutes

2-3 hours


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