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TPI Super Armour Nano Paint - NP200 (Water Proof)

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NP200 is water proof paint and suitable for proofing or painting on the general walls, ponds and roof tiles due to the cracking or leakage problems. Provide with properties as good coverage on surface and excellent to prevent from water leakage.

Special Properties of Paint
  • Suitable to paint by using with roller, brush and spray application.
  • Color combined with cementing agent is main component of this paint, so it can be applied directly on semi dry surface and it could also be used to coat on cracked wall.
  • Highly durable, no peeling off as it formed molecular bonding with wall, fungus resistance.
  • Odorless and free-VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) which is harmful to health.
  • Increase elasticity 
  • Solve the problem of peeling paint due to interior moisture under paint film




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