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TPI M550 Tile Grout

Tile Grout

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M550 is a high quality cement based tile grout with special components such as high bond adhesive. Anti – crack. Reducing  water absorbance.  Anti – fungus and easy to clean. It can be applied immediately after mixed with clean water at the recommended ratio.

Instruction of preparation and application surface preparation

Before grouting, clean the surface and joint until free from dirt, oil, water, dust and any particles and contaminates which can effect to the bond adhesion.


Mix 1 kg of TPI M550 with 0.3 liters of clean water until the  mixture is homogenous.


Fill the mixture between the tiles joint by using with rubber trowel to swipe and diagonally to be smooth, Wait until it is almost dried then clean off the excess grout on the tile surface.

Typical Data

Approximately usage 5 m2 per 1 kg and the recommended joint width is 1-6 mm.

Tile’s size (inch)

Area of work (square meter)

24 x 24

8 - 10

12 x 12

6 - 8

8 x 8

4 - 5

4 x 4

3 - 4

Suitable for Grouting on Gaps between tiles with more High Adhesive, Less Crack and Anti Fungus.


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