TPI Natu Peb

Natu Peb
Safe, up to standard, and secure from any residue
Help improve animals’ digestive system: boost poultry’s growth, strength and weight

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Product Characteristics

Natu Peb is Calcium tablet, and made of limestone of high quality; The limestone is crushed and made into a tablet of 1-2 millimeters in size. Natu Peb can be used as an ingredient for poultry’s feed or as feed for. It provides Calcium and improves animals’ digestive system by helping grinding large pieces of feed, especially, coarse feed, such as, broken-milled rice or corn. Natu Peb improves poultry’s digestive system and overall strength.

Scope of Usage

Natu Peb can be used as feed  ingredient or feeding directly to poultry. Once poultry eats Natu Peb, it will help grinding down large piece of foods.

Raw Material:    Limestone of high quality

Rate of Usage: 
Natu Peb can be used as feed’s supplement, at the rate of 1.3 percents, or 0.5-1 kilograms per each 100 birds. The aforementioned rate can be adjusted, in accordance with bird’s age and size, or be gradually increased every 5-6 weeks.


Always seal the bag after usage. Store in cool and dry place or cover with water- and humidity-proof materials.



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