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TPI Bio Dolomite

Clean and Safe product, secure from any residues
Serve as supplementary feed for animals’ farming

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Product Characteristics

Bio-Dolomite is a product of high quality natural minerals. It is dried powder product and it will not create heat once it comes into contact with water. It doesn’t cause skin irritation and it is safe for both animals and user. Bio-Dolomite contains calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and iron.

Raw materials: Bio-Dolomites is comprised of

  • Calcium compound, 40-60%
  • Magnesium compound, 20-25%
  • Other profitable compound, 10-15%

Scope of Usage

  • Bio-Dolomite provides supplementary minerals to animals’ feed, such as, Ca, Mg, P, K and Fe.
  • Bio-Dolomite decreases animals’ stress and animals’ tendency to get bored with feed, or easily get to shaken or frightened

Rate of Usage

Use Bio-Dolomite as an ingredient to animals’ feed; Mix the product at the rate of 0.1-0.2 percents for pig and 0.5-1.00%  for cattle, dairy cow, layer chicken and duck.


Seal the bag after usage. Store in cool and dry place; or cover the product with water- and humidity-proof material. Use the entire bag within 1 month after it has been opened.

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