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TPI Probiotics for Cattle

Premixed: safe and secure from any residues
Controlled Substance with Animal Food No. 01 04 59 0230 
This product is a biotic supplement and contains Bacillus subtilis of 10° cfu/ml
Concentrated solution of good and profitable microorganisms for cattle

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Product characteristics

This product contains Probiotics in organics fermented solution. This product is produced from natural organic materials, such as vegetable and fruit; in which they were placed under fermentation process with Probiotics. The fermentation process is controlled by state of the art technology; and the result is dark brown solution that contains loads of Probiotics, especially Bacillus subtilis, that are known for profitable properties for animals. TPI-Probiotics creates various highly efficient enzymes, carbohydrate-type biomolecules with smaller molecular structure, fatty acids, amino acids, organic acid, minerals, and nutrients; which are all necessary for animals’ growth. 
Probiotics are group of profitable microorganisms. The group may contain single type or mixed types of microorganisms. Once animals ingest Probiotics, the Probiotics will balance microorganism in animals’ intestine, inhibiting growth of pathogens in intestine, increasing intestine’s capability for digesting and absorbing nutrients; through production of multiple enzymes, as well as stimulating of immunity system and preventing various infections. 
TPI-Probiotics is a supplementary solution for animals’ water and feed. It contains good and profitable microorganisms for cattle; and it is produced from natural organic substances. It improves the efficiency of cattle’s digestive system. It promotes cattle’s health and boosts cattle’s growth, health and weight; and decreases the needs for antibiotics.


TPI-Probiotics can be used as supplement for improving the feed’s taste and the efficiency of animal digestive system. It promotes animals’ health and boosts their growth and weight. It eliminates the needs for antibiotics and growth acceleration substances, and decreases odor of animal’s excrement. 

Rate of usage

  • For mixing in water: apply TPI-Probiotics at the rate of 1-2 %; then gradually increase the ratio

  • For mixing in feed: apply TPI-Probiotics of feed at the rate of 1-2 %; depending on cattle’s size and weight. It can be used with both concentrated feed and coarse feed


  • Balance microorganisms in animals’ intestine
  • Improve the efficiency of animals’ digestive and absorptive systems
  • Decrease flatulence and prevent diarrhea
  • Protect against intestine’s infection and decrease the need for antibiotics
  • Boost cattle’s growth and strength
  • Regulate amount of milk


  • Shake well before use.
  • Store at the temperature between 4-8 degrees Celsius.
  • Keep away from children’s reach.


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