TPI Humics

Liquid Organic Fertilizer Regulates Soil Quality 
Agriculture Registration Number : 84/2555 Department of Agriculture
Soil Improvement Formula Enhance Plant Nutrients Natural Organic Product

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Liquid Organic Fertilizer Regulates Soil Quality Natural Organic Product for Reduction of Global Warming Project

TPI HUMICS liquid organic fertilizer helps regulate soil quality. It is concentrated liquid organic fertilizer produced by digestion of naturally occurring organic substances by using advance production technology. It contains humic acids that help loosen the soil, and also primary plant nutrients nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, secondary plant nutrients calcium, magnesium and sulfur; together with micro nutrients such as iron, manganese, copper, boron, molybdenum, zinc and chloride that are essential for plant growth.
Suitable for soil enhancement or soil preparation to grow any type of plants such as rice, sugar canes, corn, tapioca plants, rubber trees, palm tree, flower and fruits etc.

Soil Maintenance Formula increase plant nutrients, enhances water-holding capacity and nutrient absorption of plants, regulates soil quality

The composition of TPI HUMICS includes;

  • Organic Matter : present in high concentration improves soil structure by loosening the compact soil and increasing the water-holding capacity of soil, thus making it more suitable to grow plants in soil that have been affected by chemical fertilizer for a long time and also keeping balance pH of soil.
  • Humic Substances : help store nutrients in the soil by chelation making these nutrients accessible to plants.
  • Amino Acids Organic Acids & hormones : substances that promotes plant growth stimulates rapid growth of plants and also releases nutrients from insoluble complexes making it available for plants.
  • Other organic ingredients : that build up plants defense system and make them resistant to diseases.

Directions for premix before use

3-5 Liter per 1 Rai (1 Rai equal to 1,600 Square meters). Mix 1 part of TPI HUMICS with 200 parts of water or 0.1 liters per 20 liters of water before use.

Direction of Use

  • Spread on soil during plowing.
  • Put into the pit before growing the trees and mix with soil around the trees.


  • Store in shade away from sunlight.
  • Follow the premix direction strictly.
  • Keep away from children.
  • Chemical insecticides not to be applied when using this fertilizer.


Quality Control Standard US EPA Part 503 Bio solid Rule

Benefits of TPI HUMICS Liquid Organic Fertilizer

  • Balances and restores soil quality by loosening the soil and increases its water-holding capacity creating a condition suitable for plant growth.
  • Helps restore micro-organisms in the soil and also increases micro-organisms that are beneficial to plants.
  • Enhance plant nutrients and also enriches chelating agents for temporary holding nutrients in the soil.
  • Reduces cost of using chemical fertilizer and hormones.
  • Low prices, thus helps in lowering cost and investment.
  • Drives away harmful insects thus eliminates the use of chemical insecticides.
  • Does not leave any chemical residues in soil due to being natural organic product.

Soil Improvement Formula Enhance Plant Nutrients Natural Organic Product

Choose TPI HUMICS Liquid Organic Fertilizer for excellent results

TPI HUMICS Liquid Organic Fertilizer

Stop Global Warming, Improves Quality of Life With TPI Liquid Organic Fertilizer

  • TPI HUMICS liquid organic fertilizer is processed from organic substances of plants, vegetables, leaves and food-remains by advanced production technology.
  • Product quality conforms to quality standards of Department of Agriculture.
  • Safe for users, consumers and environment as it is an organic natural product.


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