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TPI pH11 Plus

TPI PH11+ (PH eleven plus) 
Premium Grade, High Quality
Fully boost soil efficiency: for better effect, use this product in conjunction with TPI Tablet Organic Fertilizer
Tablet Soil Improver Product: agricultural product for improving quality of soil and water
Agricultural product for soil’s quality improving

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Product Characteristics

PH11+ is a product of high quality and concentrated natural minerals. It contains various profitable minerals, such as, calcium and magnesium carbonate more than 85 percents of its content; as well as other profitable natural minerals for plant growth such as Silica. 
PH11+ solves the problem of soil acidity quickly, decreases toxicity accumulated in the soil and improves the soil’s suitable characteristics for plants’ growth. 
PH11+ contains high content of Calcium Carbonate which improve the product’s efficiency and provide profitable nutrients that boost plants’ immunity.


  • For soil preparation: apply the product at the rate of 100-200 kgs. per 1,600 square meter (0.4 acre) or proportionately to the soil acidity.
  • For planting hole preparation: apply the product as foundation for planting hole, at the rate of 2-5 kgs per 1,600 square meter (0.4 acre); in order to boost plants’ root system
  • For increasing profitable minerals for plants’ growth in the field
    • pH 5 – 6 : 100 kgs  per 1,600 square meter (0.4 acre)
    • pH 4 – 5 : 200 – 300 kgs per 1,600 square meter(0.4 acre)
    • pH < 4 : 500 - 1,000 kgs per 1,600 square meter(0.4 acre)


  • Alleviate soil toxicity and acidity through fine granular material that acts rapidly
  • Preserve the balance of soil’s pH value at appropriate level for plants’ growth
  • Decrease accumulation of disease and infestation in plants
  • Improve plants’ health, strength and immunity
  • Restore the field


  • Store in a cool and dry place, or cover with water- or humidity-proof materials
  • Use the entire content of the bag within 1 month after first usage


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