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TPI Bio Hydrophonics

Concentrated supplements for plants: contains all the required nutrient for plant
Plants grow fast: grow strong: produce good product: left zero residues: organic, environmental friendly

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Concentrate supplements for plants: Bio-Hydroponics

Bio-Hydroponics is a concentrated organic supplement that contains all the required nutrients within one single bottle. It is easy to use, just mix the solution with water, under recommended ratio, and it is ready to use. Bio-Hydroponics is produced from fermentation process of organic materials, such as, plants, vegetables and fruits; which were decomposed by profitable microorganisms. The result of fermentation process is concentrated, dark brown solution that is ready for being used as food’s plants, and contains lots of profitable nutrients that plants can instantly absorb. Hence, decrease the need for chemical substances in plants growing. It can be used as proper substitute for chemical fertilizers that were pervasively used for typical hydroponic farming, without the need to change existing equipments. It can be used with many types of vegetables, and it boosts plants’ growth, strength, weight and taste.            It leaves zero residue on plant, especially decrease nitrate that is normally leftover and accumulated in plants.

Hydroponic farming

Nowadays, hydroponic is a popular technique of farming, as more and more consumers are now interesting in their health; and hence, they are choosing to consume vegetables that had been grown with hydroponics. Hydroponic farming is normally done in a closed facility with total control over insects, hence, it requires less usage of insecticide. Vegetables from hydroponics are hence less contaminated and become another alternative for consumers. 
Concentrated supplements for plants: Bio-Hydroponics is a product containing all the required nutrients, in the form that is readily available for plant absorption. It is mixed with water and can be used as plant’s food, and used for readjusting solution’s electrical conductivity (EC) and acidity-alkalinity (pH value). It can be used for every planting system, whether NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) and DRFT (Dynamic Root Floating Technique).


  • Shake well before use.
  • Check water’s EC value before adding TPIÔ Concentrate supplements for plants: Bio-Hydroponics
  • Add TPI Concentrates supplements for plants: Bio-Hydroponics into the water, in accordance with given recommendation, in order to achieve suitable range of EC value for plant’s growth, namely:
    • For salad’s vegetables, recommended EC 1.2 – 1.5 mS/cm, and using solution at the rate of 1 part per 200 parts of water.
    • For Thai vegetables, recommended EC 1.5-2.0 mS/cm, and using solution at the rate of 1 part per 100 parts of water.

As TPI Concentrated supplements for plants: Bio-Hydroponics contains concentrated organic supplement; therefore, water is pH has to be strictly controlled between 6.0-6.5. (If the resulted pH value is not conforming to the recommended value, consult the company’s representative)

  • Tightly seal the bottle after usage and store the bottle in cool place
  • Keep the bottle out of children’s reach

Controlling solution’s Acidity and Alkalinity (pH value) and electrical conductivity (EC)

Solution’s acidity and alkalinity (pH value) affect nutrients’ ability to dissolve in the solution, and plants’ ability to absorb nutrients. Hence, this factor should be examined every day, and controlled at pH value of 5.8 – 6.5.
Solution’s electrical conductivity (EC) indicates quantity of dissolved nutrients in the solution. Hence, this factor should be controlled at between 1.5 – 2.0 mS/cm; which is the best range where osmotic pressure, an important factor for root’s absorbing capability, can work best.

Strictly check and control water’s EC value and pH value, in accordance with recommended values. If those values are too high or too low, it will cause the change in balance of plants’ nutrient, which in turn affects plans’ growth


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