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The Best Wood Vinegar for Organic Plantations

The Best Wood Vinegar for Organic Plantations
Enhanced Efficiency Formula
Eradicates plants lice, White ants, Termites, Moths,
Insects harmful to plants
TPI Natural product: Residue Free 

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The Best Wood Vinegar for Organic Plantations

Reduction of Global warming project

The Best Wood Vinegar for Organic Plantations produced from natural organic substances can be used for many various benefits in Agriculture.

Premium Gold Wood Vinegar Odorless Formula

  • Prevent and eradicate pests by mixing wood vinegar with water in recommended ratio and spray on and around leaves as well as on the stem every 7-15 days to drive away pests.
  • Eradicate pests associated with cassava, grasshoppers, cicadas and various insects harmful to plants without leaving residues and toxic pesticides.
  • Can be used to enhance absorption of fertilizers and various foliar sprays that are sprayed on and around leaves to be absorbed by the plants through leaves.

Eradicates plants lice, White ants, Termites, Insects harmful to plants.

Prevents and eradicate insects and pests that attack plants, enhances the efficiency of plants to absorb fertilizers and foliar sprays through leaves, with formula that enhances the efficiency of plant growth giving rise to yield increase.

Proportion for dilution before use

Wood Vinegar : Water



1 : 100

Tapioca, Oil palm, Rice, Corn, Sugar cane

1 : 200

Leafy plants, Vegetables, Fruits

1 : 300

Flowers, Ornamental plants

To be use enhance absorption of fertilizer or foliar spray through leaves.


  • Keep in the shade.
  • To get maximum efficiency, avoid spraying in the strong sunlight or when the wind is strong.
  • Should use wood vinegar in the recommended dilution ratio.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Not to be taken orally.
  • After unpackaging, should be used within one month.

Free from pests, Splendid Plants Profitable in accord with framers’ wish


From various organics, processed by advanced production technology, which generates wood vinegar suitable for various applications in agriculture sector:

  • To be used for prevention and elimination of plant pests such as white ants, termites, plant lice, brown grasshoppers, cicadas etc.
  • Can be used as absorbent for leaves, to enhance the efficiency of the substance like foliar sprays sprayed on to leaves. So that the substances can be absorbed more effectively through the pores of the leaves.
  • Wood vinegar sprayed onto plants sticks firmly on the surface of plants as well as pests, reduces the loss of sprayed substances otherwise washed away easily and distributes evenly on leaves and stems.
  • Stimulates the growth of plants as the dust particles of foliar sprays of wood vinegar sprayed on the plants and leaves, coagulates and are well absorbed into the pores of the leaves thus increasing the growth and the yield of the plants.

The Best Wood Vinegar for Organic Plantations

Safe to farmers,Consumers and Environment.

Products from natural organics free from harmful chemicals.


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