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TPI M680 (Mixed Hydraulic Cement)

Water Plug Cement

TPI M680 is mixed hydraulic cement with very fast in setting time and it can be applied both under Water and in the air. It sets within 3-5 minutes and suitable for holes or cracks in concrete or masonry  walls, swimming pool, leakage pipe and it can set  even under running water and able to stop active water leakage. It can be also used for the quick repair to walkway and anchoring bolts on concrete surface.

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Preparation Procedure

  1. Surface must be clean and structurally sound and remove all dirt and loos material. Chip the crack to at least 1 cm. depth  then cleaning and saturate the surface with water before plugging with mortar.
  2. Mix TPI M800 with clean water at the ratio 4:1
  3. Rapidly mix all together well and it should it should be used within 3 minutes.

Avoid reuse the hardened cement mixture.

Remark: When mixing 1 kg of water plug (TPI M800) with the ratio water volume amount is 500 cm2


  • In case of repairing active water leakage, place the TPI M680  Mixture in your   hand until cement begin to setting then apply it in the  leaking region and keep pressing for 3-4 minutes and clear the excess material around the surface.
  • In case of repairing the crack concrete, place TPI M680 onto the crack with trowel then clear excess materials around the surface. Cure it by spraying with water or covering a damp cloth for 3 hours.
  • In case of plugging the anchor bolt holes in concrete, holes’ width must be at least 1 cm. then fill and press cement firmly with trowel and clear excess materials before cement sets.

Suitable for Repairing the leak, Stop water leaking immediately and special  Fast setting


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