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TPI Sealant M611

High flexibility and no shrinkage. Or for repairing materials with cracks, leaks, longer service life than other types of grout materials. It can be adhered to many materials such as fiber cement, artificial stone, aluminum, metal, tile, gypsum board, ceramic and UPVC etc. can be used both indoor and outdoor. Through secure use. Can be painted over not slip.

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  • Highly elastic grout fillings 
  • Fast drying, high adhesion, no shrinkage
  • Fungus protection with special additives
  • Internal and external use


  1. Clean the surface dry, free of dust, oil, debris, seagrass and coating materials.
  2. In case of adhesive. To glue a bar or placemats.
  3. In case of a grout adhesive. Should be wide The depth of not less than 10 mm should be used adhesive paper to seal the two joints before firing. At least 1 hour passed. Then remove the adhesive.
  4. When filling grout full. Must be smooth within 10-30 minutes.
  5. Wipe up the excess with sponge. Or a cloth moistened with water 48-72 hours before use.


  1. Keep out of reach of children.
  2. Keep in the shade and normal temperature.


Water consumption 300 ml / TPI Sealant (M611) 0.4 kg

For adhesive material.

Diameter x Thickness /Area 3 x 4 mm/ One glue to 1 pin will get 100 pins.
Diameter x Thickness /Area 5 x 10 mm depth/ One glue shot is a 12 meter tube.


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