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TPI M310 Light-weight Block Masonry

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Precast concrete especially developed for lightweight concrete blocks. High adhesion to slippery, easy to work quickly. Make the walls beautiful and strong.


  • Compound material between TPI Portland cement Crushed stone through the drying process and size up to 2 times and high quality chemicals from abroad. Strengthening adhesion strength. Walls stick together well. More strength Suitable for a variety of applications. Just mix the water to the right proportion, it can be used immediately.


  • Lightweight blockers can be used in small quantities.


  • Mix TPI M310 with 2.6: 1 volume of clean water.
  • Mix well.
  • Applied to the lightweight block building process. Using a special trowel for lightweight blocks. (Do not use the leaves of the pho in the block building)


  • Weight of 1 bag contains 50 kg.

Material used/ Thickness (mm)/ 1 bag of cement mortar area (cm)/ Usage per square meter (kg)
Lightweight block mortar/ Only 3-5 floors/ 7.5x20x60/ 30


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