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TPI M100C (Concrete Plaster Mortar)

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Finished fine morter used for plastering, such as concrete walls, both inside and outside the building, is certified according to Thai Industrial Standard Institute 1776-2542 (Putty Cement).


Compound material between TPI Portland cement Crushed stone through the drying process and size up to 2 times and high quality chemicals from abroad. Special properties in water. Extra high adhesion strength. The plaster texture is easy to slip plaster, reduce the problem of cracking. And cracking sesame Wall not slip And do not shrink after plastering. Suitable for a variety of applications. Just mix the water to the right proportion, it can be used immediately.


  • If you want to plaster at a thickness of more than 1 cm should be put one layer. Then leave to damp, then plastered to the next step.
  • After mixing water It should be used within 2 hours 30 minutes (1 bag of cement = 50 kg of water 11 liters)
  • It should be stored in a dry, damp and covered place.


  • Clean and pour the water to the wall to be plastered to moderate.
  • Mix TPI (M100C) concrete with 3.5: 1 volume of clean water.
  • Mix well.
  • Apply mortar mixed on concrete surface in accordance with the general putty. Without extracting the skin first It can also be used in conjunction with a Mortar Machine.


  • Mixing 1 bag of water 11 liters
  • Weight 50 k.g.

Thickness (m.m.)/ Mortar 1 plastered canvas (sq.m.)/ Usage per square meter (k.g.) 5/ 5.75/ 8.7
Thickness (m.m.)/ Mortar 1 plastered canvas (sq.m.)/ Usage per square meter (k.g.) 10/ 2.89/ 17.3


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