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TPI M200 (General Plastering Mortar)

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Ready-mixed plaster for general plastering Suitable for use with brick wall brick mon Or concrete block Available both indoor and outdoor. Certified according to TIS 1776-2542 (General Putty)


Compound material between TPI Portland cement Crushed stone through the drying process and size up to 2 times and high quality chemicals from abroad. It has special properties for waterproofing. And cracking sesame Wall not slip And do not shrink after plastering. Suitable for a variety of applications. Just mix the water to the right proportion, it can be used immediately.


  • After mixing water It should be used within 2 hours 30 minutes (1 bag of cement = 50 kg of water 11 liters)
  • It should be stored in a dry, damp and covered place.


- Clean and pour the water to the wall to be plastered to moderate.
- Mix TPI (M200) concrete with 3.5: 1 volume of clean water.
- Mix well.
- Apply to the general putty. It can also be used in conjunction with a Mortar Machine.


- Mixing 1 bag of water 11 liters
- Weight 50 k.g.

Thickness (m.m.)/ Mortar 1 plastered canvas (sq.m.)/ Usage per square meter (k.g.) 10/2.88/ 17
Thickness (m.m.)/ Mortar 1 plastered canvas (sq.m.)/ Usage per square meter (k.g.) 15/ 2.16/ 23


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