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TPI M900 Stucco


M900 is suitable for sculpture and art decoration in architecture.  After  mixing with water, it can be used easily and expediently and strong, durable performance. TPI M900 is proved by the professional sculptors with their recommended as follw.

TPI M900 has all the Good features to get perfect result according to their desires.

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  • For the base frame of sculpture, use with sand cement (mix TPI green Mixed Cement with sand)
  • Mix 3 parts TPI M900 with water 1 part by volume until the mixture is homogeneous.
  • Apply according to the general work procedure of stucco.


  • After mixed with water, it  should be used within 4 hours.
  • Keep in dry place away from moisture and humidity.
  • It should seal the bag tightly after opened.

Suitable for sculpture and Decorative the tracery with strong and durable.


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