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TPI M99 Floor Hardener

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Cement base floor hardener powder (Non-iron) use a sprinkle on a new poured concrete surface. Then polished with polishing machine. Or scrub by hand according to the method of polishing it. To increase the hardness of the concrete surface. Suitable for areas where heavy traffic is used, such as department stores, warehouses, parking lots or concrete floors. Advantages of concrete using M99 is more resistant to abrasive than conventional concrete, smooth surface, easy to clean because of no metal powders. Protection of corrosion or rust. Available in several shades: light gray, red, green, yellow and blue.


Apply a sprinkle on a new poured concrete surface. Then scrub with a polishing machine or use the hand polishing method. Both indoor and outdoor flooring can be coated with Coating or can be used as a general abrasive concrete surface.


- TPI Portland Type 1 Cement according to ASTM C-150 and TIS 15-2555
- High abrasive resistance aggregate size and type of crystal structure. To obtain special hardness
- Quality additives Extra high adhesion strength. Increase hardness, etc.


  1. Pour the concrete level up to the standard level.
    Note: Suitable for concrete slump 10-15 cm. If slump concrete is less than this, it may be necessary to shake off the water in the M99 powdering process.)
  2. Sprinkle the TPI M99 to a full area, then trowel the surface with a triangular trowel to keep the M99 mortar dispersed evenly and smoothly.
  3. When the concrete is damp (Take 2-3 hours depending on weather conditions). When the plaster powder sucks the water from the concrete surface until it gets wet. Spin the top with a trowel or polished with a polishing machine. In order for M99 mortar to spread uniformly and smoothly.
  4. When setting M99 mortar, spin the face using a trowel or polishing machine. According to the method of polishing it.


  1. After work, the surface should not be exposed to sunlight. Or hit the water because it will make the surface crack or smear.
  2. Store the product in the shade and dry the M99. When opening the bag, it should be used up. If left unused Put plastic bags and gag.


Thickness of mortar (mm)/ Area of ​​50 kg./ Usage per 1 sq.m.: 1-4 mm/ 8-10 sq.m./ 5-7 kg


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